Jerrrrrkkkkk. 6

Dealt with some stupid BS in class today.  Big dude decided that the best use of his (and my) time during sparring was to pass my guard by muscling through it (when you’re 6 feet tall and pushing 220lbs this is quite easy).  Then I recovered to half guard, which shouldn’t have happened, so he spent the remaining time on the clock dropping 200+lbs on my face.  There was no reason for it.  He eventually passed my guard (I couldn’t move) and took side control, continuing to keep a shoulder on my face.

This infuriated me.

I don’t mind if guys push me. I don’t mind if they’re a little rough with me; it’s part of the game. What makes me angry is when people use excessive strength against me for the express reason of Being a Gigantic Dick.  My guard is passed; I’m giving you absolutely zero reaction (because you’re crushing my ribs and my jaw), I’m just sitting here waiting for you to move. There is no reason to have 200+lbs on my face. None.

I’m sure that if this post gets passed around, idiots will come out of the woodwork claiming that this is why women shouldn’t be doing BJJ, or this is why women don’t like BJJ, blah blah blah, typical nonsense from a male-dominated community.  I’m sure I’ll hear, “well if you can’t take it, get off the mats.”  I can take it. Obviously, or I’d be hospitalized right now for a broken jaw.  To those people, I’ll say this: you’re missing the point.

When you spar with someone, you’re not always going to have a “good” fight. Sometimes you’re going to be outmatched. Sometimes you’re going to outmatch them. I’d say a disparity in skill is more common than an equivalency, actually.  So what do you do?  You learn to spar differently based on your opponent. If I’m sparring with a kid (I do that sometimes) I don’t smash their faces, because I am not a gigantic dick.  If I’m sparring with someone I know can take it?  Yeah, I’m going to practice cross-facing the crap out of them (sorry, C, about that overly-aggressive cross-face today– it was a bad comp class. I still love you).  I don’t need to be treated with kid gloves, but for God’s sake, I’m tiny.  I don’t need the big guys practicing their smash passes on me.  It’s not good training for either of us.

Admittedly, I lost my temper and I shouldn’t have, but that’s more a function of everything else that’s stressing me out in my life than this incident in BJJ. It’s only a matter of time before this guy hurts me, and I’m not looking forward to it at all.

Oh, then this happened, which was pretty funny.  Rule number one: never be the last to finish anything. You’ll pay.

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6 thoughts on “Jerrrrrkkkkk.

  • Jennifer

    I am a 110 pound blue belt so I hear ya! Sometimes I think the big guys honestly don’t know how to roll with us. Between the small size and the “omigod she has boobs”, it is all just too much for them. That being said, I have had some great rounds with larger guys who decide to take most of the strength out of it and just work on perfecting their technique. That way we both get something out of it. It sounds like this dude was just thinking about himself, and not doing that so effectively either. :-)

  • Nalo

    Kick his ass! That bullshit isn’t helping your game, and doesn’t help his either-there’s no skillful technique required to smash someone half your size. Although I dont know who the gigantic dick is , it sounds like he is feeling emasculated by a woman with a higher ranking belt…. Too bad all he did was prove that he isn’t much of a man at all.. A misplaced elbow to the balls might slow his roll…. Oooops… Happens all the time… 😉

  • Alex Kennedy

    as a 200+ purple belt with Ukrainian farm strength I tend to try and match levels with the people I am rolling with. If I am rolling with a flailing white belt I use my size and strength advantage to control but not crush. If I am going with a lighter but higher lever I try to match their level and remove strength out of the equation. I think the question we all have to ask ourselves is where the techniques lay? There is no technique to dropping all your mass on a person and holding them there.

    to be honest this reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes karate