Women’s Open Mat! 4

So I went to my first women’s open mat yesterday, up in Corona– it was quite an experience for me.

First of all, I’ve never been around so many women who do BJJ outside of a tournament.  That in and of itself was weird for me– lately I’ve been around SO MANY MEN all the time that the estrogen of the moment kind of rocked me.  I was a little thrown by the fact that no one was farting or making poop jokes, although I certainly appreciated it.

I felt really out of place at first– everyone was in a Gracie Barra gi, and I was sitting there with my Atos and Galvao patches, feeling like I was in enemy territory– the competition mindset is overwhelming me right now, I suppose.  I love my training partners at the gym, but when we’re on the mat, they are the enemy.  But all these women– they just wanted to be friends, and that’s pretty awesome.

I am so used to the high-pressure environment at Atos that I totally forgot what it’s like to roll at a lesser intensity.  I got to try out some things I’ve been working on, only to discover that they actually work on people who are my size.  Shock, horror!

I had a lot of fun, and being there made me realize that I really want to teach women how to do BJJ. Not just how to do BJJ, but how to be aggressive and strong and all the other good things that I’ve learned at Atos.  I hope that someday I have the opportunity to teach :/ Until then… more women’s open mats!

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4 thoughts on “Women’s Open Mat!

  • anotherbjjchick

    Isn’t it fun to train with other women en masse? I went to an all-women’s BJJ camp this weekend and it was amazing. Being taught by upper belt women is really something quite special, so I hope you get the opportunity to teach too!

  • L

    I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s so awesome to read about someone with similar frustrations and problems like me. Also, the gif post was fucking hilarous.

    I just started my grappling adventure in Nov 2012 and since there are no other females where I train (apart from the occasional “just here to try it out”) I haven’t rolled with girls yet. Also, I weigh 46 kg so everybody’s bigger and stronger than me.

    Could you maybe write a couple of words or even a post about rolling with girls vs. rolling with boys? Does it help in competition to train with boys or would you prefer to train with people your size?
    Do you feel that males your size are stronger than females your size?

    So, I’m signing up for my first grappling tournament (no-gi) in about a month. It’s 4 min. rounds with no points – you only get points if it’s a draw (1 p each) or if you win (3 p). Depending on the groups, you’ll have 3-6 matches with maybe 4-8 min. rest in between.
    The weight classes for females are -50 kg, -60 kg, +60 kg and it looks like I’ll either have to fight in the +60 kg for women OR in the -66 kg for men. What would be the best option for me?
    I’m signing up in the beginner class which is for people with less than 1½ years of training – I’ve been training for about 6 month. Should I rather wait until next year, where I’ll still be in the beginner bracket, but with 1 y 5 m of experience?
    I’ll obviously lose, but that’s fine with me.

    • Leaahh

      Sure, I’ll do a writeup on my opinion about it :)

      My general opinion, though, is that you shouldn’t be competing with dudes, especially not dudes with 20+kg on you. It’s a recipe for disaster all around.